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'APEC Symposium on Policy and System for Promoting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Modernization toward Industry 4.0' is approved and funded by APEC. You can find the detail information in the APEC project database (https://aimp2.apec.org/sites/PDB/default.aspx), the project number is 'PPSTI 04 2016 A'. This project is proposed by People's Republic of China, and co-sponsoring economies include Chinese Taipei and Viet Nam.This symposium is open to participation from all 21 APEC member economies. As well as engaging with public and government sector organizations in member economies, external stakeholder engagement is encouraged.Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is the key engine for APEC economic growth, while the on-going industry 4.0 causes tougher competition and new challenges for MSMEs. This symposium seeks to review and recommend the policy and system on promoting MSMEs modernization, boosting the competitiveness and productivity by science, technology and innovation (STI). Help MSMEs integrate into global market, provide higher quality product and service so that contribute for innovative and quality growth of APEC economies.The following topics will be discussed and exchange information among the participants:1) STI Policies on promoting MSMEs modernization.2) STI application and upgrading on promoting MSMEs modernization.3) Business climate index of MSMEs driving MSMEs sustainable development.There are 150 participants in our plan. The symposium will be held during 22nd to 25th, Sep. 2017, in Hangzhou. Your idea and experience is welcome to be heard, please join in us.